Monday, July 20, 2009


On the 10th July 2oo9, we Mustangs finally had our well planned trip to Malacca! A trip that had been planned months ago and it was a success! ceh macam tournament plak. haha.

With two cars, Cali, Ryzal, Zaim, ZZ, Fara, Hamim, Zul, and I were gleefully enjoying our journey while Eddie waited there. Orang Melaka lar kan.

We arrived at Masjid Tanah around 10 ++ pm as we left around 6 ++pm from KL. Had dinner there, tak sempat pegi Umbai. We didn't have the guts to wait for another hour to get there. So mane-mane pun okay lar. Janji makan besar.

Saturday morning, we started our day by going to the market. Zul brought us to the one his mom likes to go. Of course lar the price was hell cheaper than KL. We bought chickens, fish, and squids. ALOT! Untuk ape lar kan... BBQ babe!! yum yum.. best giler! so okay, dah balik from the market, the girls were in charged, nak siang sume. I had the chickens done while Fara and Hamim had the rest. The guys plak pegi panjat pokok rambutan. Haha time nak tunjuk skill masing-masing.

Around 12++nn we left for Bandar Melaka Jalan-jalan. We visited Masjid Terapung, Dataran Pahlawan, Kubu-Kubu Lama, Jonker Street ( where I spent around rm100 for stuffs, puas hati shopping cuti) and macam-macam lar. We didn't get to visit many places due to time constrain. so around 10pm, we were back at Zul's and prepared for BBQ!!!!!

11.30pm to 12am, we were struggling for the fire. but Eddie and Zul and the rest of the guys did a great job. Where did we enjoy the luxurious food? Tepi pantai of course! That was why it was hard to have the fire. Angin kuat gile! Then, dah membuncit everyone, we went home around 3am and tido..

Next morning, we left for mandi-manda around 9am and be home at 11. Took shower and all, we were ready to leave. Before we left Melaka, we had Cendol and Mee Rojak at this small town, i forgot lar the name. But sedap lar! and we went around Bandar Melaka where they have Taman Buaya and all. Tak masuk lar. Sharp at 3pm, we balik KL straight to campus. Register mahallah pulak. Tiring but fun!

It was a blast having a weekend with you guys, teammates! those who missed it, don't forget our annual event coming soon k! muahx :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


duh what to do cuti nie? bohsan giler ok.
ye lar, normally i would spend most of my time on campus and only be home during weekends.
But now macam i have nothing to do! aih..
well, my plan was at first i wanted to work with dad, but malas lar. i don't want to be at the same place learning and experiencing the same thing. i want something new. something fresh.
now mum is up to something, so probably i'll be helping her with paper work and stuffs like that.
but the most important thjing,
am really looking forward to meet you guys! nak lepak, go karaoke, bowling, makan2, picnic, cuti2 Malaysia and all..
hoping that this vacation will bring me something new, something special, something that is sweet :)
huhu byk nye wish!
well whatever it is, i'm just hoping for the most memorable moments lar.
(selain menggemukkan badan dan other parts!) hahaha
kawan2, jom lepak ok! it's a must! i mean it!
muahx <3

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today's the greatest! I had so much fun~!
the unexpected plan turned up well. friends picked me up at 1pm and met the rest at The Curve around 2pm. Makan makan at Ayam Penyet restaurant then we moved on to RedBox. Daym those three hours were definitely not enough!
but we had so much fun, didn't we? huhu..
Gile lar, Ayam, Alfa, Najmi, Saiful and Nik were incredible! Who would have expected (me too) that these lovely people can sing well! haha dgn ade yg emotional, jiwang, kene mengena, sweet sangat, everything lar!
RnB ade, slow rock ade, old school songs ade, Sudirman, DANGDUT pun ade seyh!
It was the sweetest moment lar guys! (wish sha ade..)
after habis around 8pm camtu, we went makan at William.
Terbaik arrrr!

3 meals we shared like hapy family giler (sorry nik n saiful, we remembered u guys k!)
and so i got bacck at 1030pm with fun and enjoyable yet meaningful thoughts :)
sayang korang besties!
*can't wait for the pics*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hearty or HEARTLESS??

it's been 3weeks and I've been doing nothing besides getting fat!
my days from 20th may until 5th june started only from 10am - 12am.
rutin harianku :-
:got up at 10am
:brunch at 11am
:ON9 at 12nn until 3pm (minus time solat lar)
:TIDO / reading novels after asar till 6.30pm
:dinner at 6.45pm or later
:ON9 / watching movies after isya' till 12am


8th JUNE - 15th JUNE - I'm a better, civilized person. I'm so gonna be busy this week.
Many things need to be done.

1. Changing room for SEM 1&2

(my should-be-permanent room sucks. It's not a room, it's a ZOO.! God knows how many mammals are here. Not even like a room of 4. I feel like living in a jungle full of monkeys that only sleep at 4am! Daym it!)

2. Doing some postings and transactions
(Business and business and business)

3. Start packing up stuffs
(The only clothes I have in the wardrobe : kaftan, 3 shirts, 3pairs of trousers, 2 kaftans, and
13 pieces of sport t-shirts! Haha MASUM punye psal :D)

I'm so sad to leave (what the HECK??) but am so excited for next Monday to get good news about the room and definitely am looking forward to start working! Yeay!
Must keep saving. hehe mana boleh go jalan-jalan cuti-cuti if no money. hahaha
Can't wait! Beaches, BBQ.. Yummmaaaay!!
why do i hear roars and screams??
man.. I'm still here. in the jungle. Shit!
Wanna fight? Now hear mine, burrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppp~! hahahahahaha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MASUM 2009

It was a great time in Kedah. IIUM Mustangs (us bowlers lar kan) left campus to Kedah on the 12th of May 2009 around 12noon. We took a ride to Kedah with some other Mustangs (cricket dudes). I'm not gonna emphasize what happened in the bus but we were half alive. Haha. Daym. First and last time ever I hope. So we reached UUM Sintok around 9pm and we stayed there for two nights before staying at ASRC in Alor Setar for the rest of the tournament days. What can I say? First, our contingent won 1 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze as well as another silver for men's overall. Congrats!

I didn't get any though but what the hell??? I had the most amazing moment in Kedah so far! It's soooo cool! We managed to go through all hardships and problems and enjoy fun and happiness together! And who said we were not being in the 'perkampungan sukan'?! We definitely were! Almost all squads were very sporting and fun! I could guarrantee that all contingents had extremely precious moments being in Kedah for those 9 days. I'm sooo loving the spirit!
To my teammates, of course, I LOVE YOU GUYS EVER!! Hope we can have those times again and again and again!
And to all participants of Masum B
owling Tournament, YOU GUYS ROX!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tragic but Terrific Night

Yesterday we had bowling training at Sunway.. We left the alley around 11.30 pm. I was on Acap's car with Hamim, Eddie and Noer. The other car was Charlie's, with Zaim, Amirul and Farique. The tragic moment started when Acap was on the fast lane followed by Charlie, and suddenly we heard a noise, a strong noise from the tyre. OMG! it was so scary. totally. We were at Kepong near the Kite garden when this happened. We were so daym panicked that we asked Acap to stop even though the road was so busy and it was inappropriate to stop there. He had the HAZARD LIGHTS on and everyone got down. After the guys had some checking and thought that everything was okay, we got into the car. At this time, Charlie's had passed us and they stopped somewhere after the fly over.

When I got into the car, I realized that Acap had put the gear on N (NEUTRAL) and I was thinking that this could not be a good idea. And when he wanted to start the engine, gosh it's not working!!! I was like, oh no.! Could this be a night in the street?? uwwaaaa...

To make the story short, cause I' stuck of the flow, we were there until 3.15. The foreman were 1st 2persons, then a car of 4 came, and all of the 6 were Indians. Then they fought of getting the customer? oh man! i couldn't just believe it. Then the car of 4 left. and then ZZ came to give a hand, I think it was around 1.30-45. Then Charlie and the rest came around 2am. Acap's brother came 10-15mins after. So we left them around 3.15 and went to Mc D. Ii was so daym starving to death that I had to break my boycott law. Huhu and the teammates were also eating, except for Amirul who's so courageous by having just bread from 7E.

We then watched the football match, Man U vs. Arsenal, with The Red Devil winning the match and went back at 5 am. Thank God the security guards didn't stop us. I got back to my 4th floor room (hell! with bowling balls, die die) and performed Isya', waited for Subuh and slept like nobody's business!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's the third day of the week and I've been really busy with my family. I was working on the garden at granny's place with aunt. It was such a hectic and tiring days (two days in a row) I had to clean up all the woods ( "kayu beroti" around the garden) carried them all and threw them at my neighbour's field ( not that big) to be buried (rather than use the word 'burned'). huhu. well that's what I did last weekend.

This week, am kinda relaxed as I am in Genting Highlands right now enjoying some of my HOLY-days of two-week short vacation. Apparently my relatives from Jakarta love to come here even though they don't have holidays ( just say they have plenty $$$) hahahaha. And so mom, aunt and I are here to meet them. Don't know how longI'll be here but hopefully till next Sunday? hahaha hell NO! I've been here since Monday then went back to KL for some stuffs and now we're here again.

Actually, I can't wait for training which will start next week, I heard. I miss you teammates and the alley! It's not that I didn't bowl these days, just that going for bowling with my brother for like 6 games in a row wasn't that fun (cause he lost in betting and he didn't wanna pay) so I was thinking of being with teammates. what a girl!
And now, I'm craving for the moments with my girls. I haven't seen those babes for ages and hopefully this holiday will give me a chance to hang out with them (girls, don't blame me if you guys can't meet me cause I'm on hol now).

Well I'm looking forward to do funnier stuffs this holiday. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cool Movies!

Today I got up early.. again!
Dah habis exam but still up early, like 6.30am?Duhhhh..
It's become a total habit I guess as days go by..
But still! Cuti nie!
Man.. I was so bored and I finally decided to watch my novel-become-movie,

Confessions of A Shopaholic
and my very very very favourite voluptuous Paul Walker's,
Fast and Furious 4.

I started my boring day with Isla Fisher in action with the ah-do-rable Hugh Dancy.
Man! She's soooooo funny! As same as Becky in the novel. The funniest art to me would be the scene she danced with Luke Brandon. YA ALLAH! Sumpah lawak! The part when she sold her green Danny & George scarf, sooo sad! But When Luke returned it back to her, (like in the novel)
that's so sweeeeett! Just that the ending's not as same as the novel.

My rating? 8 - Good job!

I continued my excitement by watching Walker! Extra credit to this movies as Van Diesel the XXX's also here! huhu and the ladies're just gorgeous.! Spaniola bonita!! huhu..
The best scene, I think it's when Van Walker raced for Braga (if I spell it correctly) and of course the time Van flashed back how Letti died. So touching!

My rating for this? 9.75 - Awesome! *credits to abg Paul yang suka Jalan*

Huhu I should watch two movies in a days often after this. Best giler!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because of You..

Every moment, every second every minute
I keep breathing
And my breath has never wanted to fade
Because of you.

Every thought, every memory that I grab
Has always been bright and beautiful
Every smile that I have
Has always come with laughter
Because of you.

The moment we walk, you hold me tight
The warmth that I grasp
Has never made me fall
The love I've been thirsty for
The sensuality I've been craving for
Have always been fulfilled
The eternity, I can see
The living of happily-ever-after, I will be
Making me to believe
The best reason of all these, indeed
Definitely because of you.


I completed my pragmatics exam in an hour this morning.
huhu well it's not that I went out early because I sucked but I think I did pretty well.
So at 10.01 I left the exam venue with laughter and excitement!
huhu as if this is my final semester.
as usual. same habit. same enjoyment, before the new semester starts.
oh well can't wait to go home. It's been months after I slept in my own room.
Among the best things I'm looking forward to :
1) Mummy's delicious cooking!! Yum yum best!!
2) can't wait to hang out with my friends who I haven't met for ages!
Miss you guys alot!
Hope to see you soon!



Sunday, April 12, 2009

PINK is GorgeouS!

This morning I woke up quite early. Had to do some revision for the final two exams next week.
So, to give some meditation to my i-can't-concentrate mind, I started cleaning up my room (on campus) and was decorating my study table. Not to scare everyone, but I'm really a freak. a PINK freak. Well then you can have the idea of how my room here and at home and my stuffs look like. Geeez!
When I typed pink electronics on Yahoo and found more than 500 striking and light pink stuffs. I'm not the only FREAK then. hahaha. And I thought of looking at the notebooks in markets that are in pink. Wow!! Extremely impressive! Gorgeous! Man I think I have would want to have all of them (definitely I don't have more than 3digits in my wallet right now) or at least one (that can happen some day when I have a stable financial income) or suddenly one of them drops on my lap? that could happen (I know, dream on!).
So enough dreaming. I search on the various notebook websites to look up for the features, functions and stuffs. Oh My God! They are so cute!!!

MacBook Air
(saw the photo on Yahoo but i did not see it on Apple Store)


  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 1066MHz frontside bus
  • 2GB Memory
  • 120GB SATA hard drive1
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics
Suggested Retail Price

RM 6,999.00 (too expensive!)

Inspiron Mini 12
(they have it in pink but can't find the photo)
  • less than 1.1" thick and under 1.236 kg
  • 12.1" display
  • Advanced wireless options to keep you on the go
  • Dynamic & Customizable user interface
Suggested Retail Price

RM 1,799.00 *

BENQ Joybook Lite U101
  • Intel® Atom™ Processor N270
  • Genuine Windows® XP Home
  • 10.1" WSVGA (1024x576)
Suggested Retail Price

RM 1,799.00 *

  • » Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology
  • » Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
  • » Convenient "Switch" Function

Suggested Retail Price

RM 4,488.00 *

  • » Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P8600 (2.40 GHz)
  • » Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
  • » 14.1" WXGA display (1280 x 800)

Suggested Retail Price

RM 3,988.00 *

For the fact that there are still many notebooks that I haven't seen, which might be in the market, I will keep observing. After all, new stuffs keep coming. Hope I can find one which suits me well.

Pursuit of Happiness *photos*

It's been months after I posted my 1st post on my new blog..

Eventually I can't sleep after completing my 4 straight-in-a-row exams.
So this time I would just wanna make some remarks and tokens of appreciation to the persons who have shared with me their laughter and tears, happiness and sorrow and made me becoming who I am today..


Allah s.w.t.
The Most Merciful.


My most precious creatures in my life. Mama and Papa.

My mischievous brother, Irfan

Beloved Cousins
Auliana, Ervina



Sha Alliana

Nik Sarah

Syaza Liyana



1K/2K/3K Gang (+ Azhan)

Netball + Close Friends in CBN

My Crazy and Loyal Buddies :)

Prom Committees Adam & Eve's Gangsters Paradise

My Cheerleading Squad. XAVIER (2003/04)

My Good Friend in University

My Senior Roommates
L-R: Kak Julie. Kak Ayu & Kak Sha


Inter-Kulliyyah Tournament 2007

MASUM 2008

UKM Open Tournament 2008

UITM Sport Carnival 2008

Mustangs' Buka Puasa 2008

Abang Azidi and Kak Shalin's Wedding 2008


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Literature Gives Me Headache

oH MY gOD!

I've been really stressful for what have been going on this semester. Facing six subjects ain't just easy. At first, i thought by taking American Literature 1 and 20th Century and Contemporary Literature would not give me so much headache. But I turned up to be a mess. Really messed up.
Doing American Literature wasn't that bad. We learned Washington Irving's fascinating two short stories, 4 poems of Anne Bradstreet, a Puritan in the 1600, Native Americans' Creation Stories as well as Nathaniel Hawthorne's Anti-Transcendentalism novel, The SCARLET LETTER. The class was interesting enough by having a crazy funny and cheerful but strict-in-marking lecturer. I definitely enjoyed the class (proven by the attendance). But as for 20th Century Literature, gosh! i had the worst nightmare ever going to that class. It's not just the syllabus: more than 15 poems and 10 poets from different eras were needed to be learned and 2 novels and 2 short stories and 2 plays, but the class was just daym boring! Imagine the only one who was speaking in the class was only the lecturer. Well, no doubt that she is daym hell good in the subject. Really good. Her knowledge? Tip tOP! But by just having a one-way communication wasn't helping the students to understand much on the topics. The 20th Century Lit subject as a whole, didn't give me much good response to like the literary works. Hmmm people might think I'm not appreciating literature and the family. But I don't give a shit on that as I think I see my future in linguistics. And I think I have done well in that field.
So basically, if the subject is really a master piece, it won't be really seen as great if the message is not delivered well.
To all literature lovers, please don't hate me. or you can just hate me. It's up to you. I would be very happy and in love with literature if I wanted to. There you are. I'm just not that into it. Full stop.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Being a shopaholic is the greatest!


HOW DID SHE ACTUALLY START BEING ONE? Before i begin, this is a real true authentic story. No exaggeration at all! Well it began in 2005, when she entered a pre-university in KL, she became a homesick girl. Very! she went home every weekend and rarely had time spent with roommates during the holiday. All she did was going home, hanging out with ex-schoolmates and family. There's another habit she has which is reading novels. Specifically, chick lit books.
So when she was in the final semester before getting into the university, a guy friend of her gave her a book entitled, 'Confessions of A Shopaholic' written by Sophie Kinsella. She read it and finally found that Rebecca Bloomwood (the character in the novel) and her share the same quality. Because of this, she started buying all Shopaholics books by Kinsella and read them.
She has finally discovered that she loves shopping too. FYI, at her house, she has this bunch of handbags in the room whereby I don't really think she has enough space to keep them. Don't ask me about her clothes, because you cant never imagine her room with pants and tops all over on the floor. Hahahaha. I think in some ways, she is also influenced by the character because she was not that shopping lovey-dovey back then. Gosh! Preloved GUESS handbags, Victoria's Secret scents, expensive and cute-cheap clothes, accessories, shoes, everything! It's not that she is from a royal family or whatsoever, but the fact that she loves buying things is soooo awesome! All are gorgeous!

(some of the too many bags)

She buys clothes from time to time following the trend. I really adore all the her stuffs. In fact, her voluptous mother has the same taste too. Money? she saves allowance given by her parents. She doesn't really spend much on campus as she also receives extra pocket money from the government, which she and I need to pay back after graduating. huhu. cool, huh? Pain on the ass soon. But who cares. As long as you enjoy what you do and you're happy with it, no one can stop you. Very important is that it's your thing. It's a girl thing. and it's your money. That's what she always says.

More designers and gorgeous boutiques have established in town and I am having a great time seeing her shopping! Very happy that we have great fashion consultants for the girls to 'dress to kill'! hehe. But one thing, girls out there, only shop on things that you really need. Don't waste cash on something you like but useless. That's soooo not the rule of being a shopaholic :)

Have a great time being a shopaholic cause it's just soo great to be ONE!