Friday, January 9, 2009

Being a shopaholic is the greatest!


HOW DID SHE ACTUALLY START BEING ONE? Before i begin, this is a real true authentic story. No exaggeration at all! Well it began in 2005, when she entered a pre-university in KL, she became a homesick girl. Very! she went home every weekend and rarely had time spent with roommates during the holiday. All she did was going home, hanging out with ex-schoolmates and family. There's another habit she has which is reading novels. Specifically, chick lit books.
So when she was in the final semester before getting into the university, a guy friend of her gave her a book entitled, 'Confessions of A Shopaholic' written by Sophie Kinsella. She read it and finally found that Rebecca Bloomwood (the character in the novel) and her share the same quality. Because of this, she started buying all Shopaholics books by Kinsella and read them.
She has finally discovered that she loves shopping too. FYI, at her house, she has this bunch of handbags in the room whereby I don't really think she has enough space to keep them. Don't ask me about her clothes, because you cant never imagine her room with pants and tops all over on the floor. Hahahaha. I think in some ways, she is also influenced by the character because she was not that shopping lovey-dovey back then. Gosh! Preloved GUESS handbags, Victoria's Secret scents, expensive and cute-cheap clothes, accessories, shoes, everything! It's not that she is from a royal family or whatsoever, but the fact that she loves buying things is soooo awesome! All are gorgeous!

(some of the too many bags)

She buys clothes from time to time following the trend. I really adore all the her stuffs. In fact, her voluptous mother has the same taste too. Money? she saves allowance given by her parents. She doesn't really spend much on campus as she also receives extra pocket money from the government, which she and I need to pay back after graduating. huhu. cool, huh? Pain on the ass soon. But who cares. As long as you enjoy what you do and you're happy with it, no one can stop you. Very important is that it's your thing. It's a girl thing. and it's your money. That's what she always says.

More designers and gorgeous boutiques have established in town and I am having a great time seeing her shopping! Very happy that we have great fashion consultants for the girls to 'dress to kill'! hehe. But one thing, girls out there, only shop on things that you really need. Don't waste cash on something you like but useless. That's soooo not the rule of being a shopaholic :)

Have a great time being a shopaholic cause it's just soo great to be ONE!