Thursday, June 10, 2010


A year of not blogging due to some many reasons.

<3 is struggling for the final semester of degree
<3 is an intern of SME-IIUM Entrepreneurship Programme
<3 is missing LIL CHOCS + CBNers + BOWLING mates so much !
<3 is dealing with a number of important things in her life
<3 is trying to make sense of every single thing that keep happening
<3 is into Cheryl Cole for the great songs : Fight For This Love & Parachute
<3 is still looking for the real gist of happiness
<3 is not really into the mood to write a long piece DOT

Monday, July 20, 2009


On the 10th July 2oo9, we Mustangs finally had our well planned trip to Malacca! A trip that had been planned months ago and it was a success! ceh macam tournament plak. haha.

With two cars, Cali, Ryzal, Zaim, ZZ, Fara, Hamim, Zul, and I were gleefully enjoying our journey while Eddie waited there. Orang Melaka lar kan.

We arrived at Masjid Tanah around 10 ++ pm as we left around 6 ++pm from KL. Had dinner there, tak sempat pegi Umbai. We didn't have the guts to wait for another hour to get there. So mane-mane pun okay lar. Janji makan besar.

Saturday morning, we started our day by going to the market. Zul brought us to the one his mom likes to go. Of course lar the price was hell cheaper than KL. We bought chickens, fish, and squids. ALOT! Untuk ape lar kan... BBQ babe!! yum yum.. best giler! so okay, dah balik from the market, the girls were in charged, nak siang sume. I had the chickens done while Fara and Hamim had the rest. The guys plak pegi panjat pokok rambutan. Haha time nak tunjuk skill masing-masing.

Around 12++nn we left for Bandar Melaka Jalan-jalan. We visited Masjid Terapung, Dataran Pahlawan, Kubu-Kubu Lama, Jonker Street ( where I spent around rm100 for stuffs, puas hati shopping cuti) and macam-macam lar. We didn't get to visit many places due to time constrain. so around 10pm, we were back at Zul's and prepared for BBQ!!!!!

11.30pm to 12am, we were struggling for the fire. but Eddie and Zul and the rest of the guys did a great job. Where did we enjoy the luxurious food? Tepi pantai of course! That was why it was hard to have the fire. Angin kuat gile! Then, dah membuncit everyone, we went home around 3am and tido..

Next morning, we left for mandi-manda around 9am and be home at 11. Took shower and all, we were ready to leave. Before we left Melaka, we had Cendol and Mee Rojak at this small town, i forgot lar the name. But sedap lar! and we went around Bandar Melaka where they have Taman Buaya and all. Tak masuk lar. Sharp at 3pm, we balik KL straight to campus. Register mahallah pulak. Tiring but fun!

It was a blast having a weekend with you guys, teammates! those who missed it, don't forget our annual event coming soon k! muahx :D