Tuesday, June 16, 2009


duh what to do cuti nie? bohsan giler ok.
ye lar, normally i would spend most of my time on campus and only be home during weekends.
But now macam i have nothing to do! aih..
well, my plan was at first i wanted to work with dad, but malas lar. i don't want to be at the same place learning and experiencing the same thing. i want something new. something fresh.
now mum is up to something, so probably i'll be helping her with paper work and stuffs like that.
but the most important thjing,
am really looking forward to meet you guys! nak lepak, go karaoke, bowling, makan2, picnic, cuti2 Malaysia and all..
hoping that this vacation will bring me something new, something special, something that is sweet :)
huhu byk nye wish!
well whatever it is, i'm just hoping for the most memorable moments lar.
(selain menggemukkan badan dan other parts!) hahaha
kawan2, jom lepak ok! it's a must! i mean it!
muahx <3

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today's the greatest! I had so much fun~!
the unexpected plan turned up well. friends picked me up at 1pm and met the rest at The Curve around 2pm. Makan makan at Ayam Penyet restaurant then we moved on to RedBox. Daym those three hours were definitely not enough!
but we had so much fun, didn't we? huhu..
Gile lar, Ayam, Alfa, Najmi, Saiful and Nik were incredible! Who would have expected (me too) that these lovely people can sing well! haha dgn ade yg emotional, jiwang, kene mengena, sweet sangat, everything lar!
RnB ade, slow rock ade, old school songs ade, Sudirman, DANGDUT pun ade seyh!
It was the sweetest moment lar guys! (wish sha ade..)
after habis around 8pm camtu, we went makan at William.
Terbaik arrrr!

3 meals we shared like hapy family giler (sorry nik n saiful, we remembered u guys k!)
and so i got bacck at 1030pm with fun and enjoyable yet meaningful thoughts :)
sayang korang besties!
*can't wait for the pics*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hearty or HEARTLESS??

it's been 3weeks and I've been doing nothing besides getting fat!
my days from 20th may until 5th june started only from 10am - 12am.
rutin harianku :-
:got up at 10am
:brunch at 11am
:ON9 at 12nn until 3pm (minus time solat lar)
:TIDO / reading novels after asar till 6.30pm
:dinner at 6.45pm or later
:ON9 / watching movies after isya' till 12am


8th JUNE - 15th JUNE - I'm a better, civilized person. I'm so gonna be busy this week.
Many things need to be done.

1. Changing room for SEM 1&2

(my should-be-permanent room sucks. It's not a room, it's a ZOO.! God knows how many mammals are here. Not even like a room of 4. I feel like living in a jungle full of monkeys that only sleep at 4am! Daym it!)

2. Doing some postings and transactions
(Business and business and business)

3. Start packing up stuffs
(The only clothes I have in the wardrobe : kaftan, 3 shirts, 3pairs of trousers, 2 kaftans, and
13 pieces of sport t-shirts! Haha MASUM punye psal :D)

I'm so sad to leave (what the HECK??) but am so excited for next Monday to get good news about the room and definitely am looking forward to start working! Yeay!
Must keep saving. hehe mana boleh go jalan-jalan cuti-cuti if no money. hahaha
Can't wait! Beaches, BBQ.. Yummmaaaay!!
why do i hear roars and screams??
man.. I'm still here. in the jungle. Shit!
Wanna fight? Now hear mine, burrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppp~! hahahahahaha